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We are leaders in research and development for technological innovation in the purification of surfaces and of the air through the study of molecular evolution, obtaining the most decisive solutions to improve the environment in which we live, purifying the ecosystem.

Customers and suppliers are granted maximum availability by studying the needs that arise on a case-by-case basis, always obtaining the most satisfactory result.

Pure Air Ion intends, by reducing the risks of pollution and contagion, to use this philosophy in order to deepen the most relevant research for physical health and the environmental condition also for future years.


Pure Air Ion, with the contribution of Science and the application of nanotechnologies, has made it possible to create special innovative applications suitable for the protection of health and the protection of the environment.

The sectors of application are so vast as to fit into all the problems related to indoor environments.

It is possible to purify and decontaminate not only the house in which we live, but also the work environment, schools, health facilities, public or private offices, shops, cars, transport, commercial structures and any other location. We break down the toxic microparticulate and eliminate microbes, molds, bacteria, viruses, allergens and VOCs in the air and on surfaces.


Pure Air Ion products are effective, long-lasting and cutting edge.

From an energy point of view, we only use and favor certified materials. Thanks to the professionalism ofthe competent and qualifiedstaff, the products are absolutely reliable.

The most appropriate solution for each intervention is assessed, with careful examination, by expert technicians who (following the analysis of the impurities of the environment) ensure the customer the most comprehensive level of performance.


Pure Air Ion technological innovations are authentic milestones in respect of the ecosystem that allow to reduce or eliminate, at the source, the problem of pollution and contagion.

The protection of the environment is vital for Pure Air Ion, which is why it adopts all the eco-sustainable and avant-garde measures available. By sanitizing the internal air of a building, it is also possible to decrease the number of recycles, significantly lowering the energy consumption used to heat or cool the air that is introduced from the outside.


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